Here you will find a listing of the very accomplished coaches who foster a powerful competitive spirit, and instill great sportsmanship values within all of the Ausblick athletes.


Luke Eskau - WJR Coach Leader (U14, U16, U20)

Laura Nelson - WJR Coach Leader (U8, U10, U12)

Kevin Bugel - WJR Coach

Kevin Comerford - WJR Coach

Morgan Cummings - WJR Coach

Erica Engstrand - WJR Coach

Jim Hanson - WJR Coach

Liz Millman - WJR Coach

Jeanne Steffan - WJR Coach

Kyle Tendick - WJR Coach

Mike Wickert - WJR Coach

Tom Nelson - USSA Coach Leader

Bill Wong - USSA Coach Leader

Julia Wong - USSA Coach


Bill Wong - FIS Coach Leader

Tom Nelson - FIS Coach Leader

Mike Cummings - High School Coach Leader